Here’s A Reminder Of Why Jim And Pam Are The Best Will-They-Won’t-They Couple On TV Right Now

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Happy 39th birthday to Jenna Fischer, beloved star of The Office and one half of the world’s most perfect TV couple, Jim and Pam. Although Jim and Pam weren’t the only will-they-won’t-they couple in recent TV history, they were certainly the most exciting to watch.

They were best friends, they were co-workers and they were flirters. How many of us suffered from heart palpitations when we heard their adorably witty banter? How many of us wanted to move to Scranton and spend our days pranking Dwight Schrute?

With all that bantering and pranking going on, something more than friendship was bound to happen. BUT WHEN!?! There was so much tension built up around them that when they finally got together, no one could contain their excitement. Now that The Office is in its final season, let’s look back at Jim and Pam’s biggest moments.

Warning: reading this might make you might remember why you liked The Office.

Jim and Pam’s first kiss:

When Jim finally confessed his feelings for Pam that he had been hiding for years, she didn’t know how to react. It was tense. It was weird. It happened outside in a parking lot. Jim’s speech was awkward, and his eyes and the look on his face made him seem like a poor, tortured soul. But it was raw and real, and just the way it should have been. I was literally on the edge of my seat until they finally shared a kiss later that night. And season two ends just like that, on a cliffhanger. It made their romance seem messy and unscripted, and utterly reflective of real life.

Jim asks Pam out:

After not being able to get their timing right for an entire season, Pam is just about to tell the camera crew that she’s given up and is okay with being friends. Just when we were also about to give up hope, Jim interrupts and asks her to dinner, and season three ends with Pam grinning in happiness and disbelief. It is one of the most adorable and honest reactions she could have had, and it is perfect. Nothing can keep Jim and Pam apart.

Jim and Pam reveal that they’re dating:

At the beginning of season four, Jim and Pam accidentally let it slip to the camera crew that they’re dating. They’re so happy that they can’t keep it in, and why should they? They cannot contain their giddiness, and honestly neither can we at this point. Major squeeing ensued.

Jim proposes to Pam:

jim and pam first kiss the office


During the season five premiere, in the true badly-timed-yet-perfect Jim and Pam fashion, Jim proposes to Pam in the pouring rain at a gas station that is halfway in between Scranton and New York, where Pam is taking a design class. The planned yet spontaneous vibe of this proposal was so affectionate and romantic that it tops any conventional proposal Jim could have come up with. Yet another unexpected Jim and Pam moment that made me die of happiness.

Pam finds out she’s pregnant:

In the season five finale, Jim takes Pam to the hospital after she is injured in a company volleyball tournament, and they end up learning she’s pregnant. Jim has had a lot of cute and hilarious reaction faces over the years, but the shock, joy and goofy excitement of his reaction to the news takes the cake. And we all knew they would be the best parents ever.

Jim and Pam get married:

Jim and Pam originally planned on having a traditional wedding at Niagara Falls, but when that started to cramp their style, they slipped out before the ceremony to get married in secret on a Maid of the Mist boat under the falls while wearing matching blue ponchos. It was unique and spontaneous and funny and represents everything that Jim and Pam are all about.

Even though The Office has gone downhill in recent seasons, we have this show to thank for giving us the triumphant comedy power couple that is Jim and Pam. May we always remember them at their best.