Justin Timberlake Superfan Jillian Bell Shares the Super Embarrassing Way She Met Him

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jillian bell

Imagine you're just living your life, having an uneventful day at work and suddenly Justin Timberlake appears. That's exactly what happened to Jillian Bell and she did not handle it well, to say the least. But, really, who would?

While on Conan, Jillian shares that before her turns on Workaholics, 22 Jump Street and the new series Idiotsitter, she was a writer on Saturday Night Live for one season. While chatting with Conan, who also wrote for SNL back in the late '80s, they both reminisce about how random celebrities would just show up to Studio 8H to hang out. And luckily (or really unluckily) for Jillian, Justin happened to be one of those people. Having been an *NSYNC fanatic in high school (she rattles off Justin's full name and time of birth, in case you didn't believe her commitment), Jillian says when Justin showed up she lost her mind.

While Justin chatted with SNL cast member Kristen Wiig, Jillian says she just stared at the floor until she decided it was her big chance to have a conversation with him. Unfortunately, the only thing that came to her mind was insanely inappropriate. I believe the exact quote is “Yeah, put a penis in that butt.” It sounds only a little bit better when it's put in context. To make things worse, she somehow follows that up with asking Justin out. I guess if you wind up in the same space as Justin Timberlake you have to at least try to get a date with him.

Jillian seems to have slightly recovered from her mortifying encounter, but maybe she should stick to places where only Joey Fatone hangs out from now on.


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