Jill Duggar’s Wedding Dress Was Way More Scandalous Than Michelle And Anna Duggar’s Dresses

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Jill Duggar Derick Dilard Dating Hiking photo

Remember those kids who swam in oversize t-shirts at the pool during the summer? Sure you do.  Especially if you were one of those kids.  This was before aerosol sunscreen went up to SPF 1,000 – some moms just wanted that extra layer of protection from the harsh rays of the sun.  Well, the Duggar family shares similar principles.  Except instead of a t-shirt over a normal bathing suit (something they don't need since they swim in Victorian-era bathing costumes), they slap a t-shirt over their wedding dresses.  And instead of fearing sunburn or skin cancer, they fear that bare shoulders and a neckline below the collar bone are grounds for a one-way ticket to the fiery pits of Hell.

So imagine my surprise when the photos of Jill Duggar‘s wedding to Derick Dillard surfaced, and she looked… normal.  Okay, maybe “normal” is a poor word choice.  She looked mainstream and modern.  Honestly, she looked beautiful.  See for yourself:

In perusing other photos, I noticed her shoulders were showing.  Sure, there's a hint of a delicate cap sleeve in there, but for the most part (save for a super high neckline) Jill Duggar not only looks like a blushing bride, but she looks like she belongs in the 21st century. Which is more than we can say for Michelle and Anna Duggar‘s t-shirt dresses wedding attire.





Jill Duggar FTW, clearly.  Now if only we could get Jessa Duggar to actually like her boyfriend, I'm dying to see if she follows suit and ditches the Sad Wedding Sack days of the past.  Bare arms = perfect for skin-to-skin contact and full-frontal hugging!

(Lead photo: Instagram)