Jill Duggar Sneaks In A Pro-Life Statement While Explaining Why She Announced Her Pregnancy So Early

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard in TLC promotional photo for 19 Kids and CountingHey! You there! Are you wondering why Jill Duggar announced her pregnancy so early on? I bet you are, and I bet you're also hoping that Jill sneaks a pro-life reference into her explanation.

And if so, you're in luck! She did both of those things, as if by magic! As if she heard your little brain just hoping and hoping for an answer + a reminder that life begins at conception. As you may recall, this whole hullabaloo got started because Jill and her new-husband Derick Dillard got married on June 21st, and announced that Jill was pregnant just shy of eight weeks later, on August 20th. DAMN GIRL. With a normal couple, I'd guess they'd gotten busy prior to the wedding, but I of all people know that Jill and Derick saved their first kiss for their wedding day, so what was the point of announcing before Jill had even cleared the higher-risk first trimester?

I'll let Jill tell you, because she explained it to Page Six:

“Understanding that the majority of miscarriages happen within the first trimester, and believing that every life is precious no matter how young, we decided to share our joyful news as soon as we could.”

You catch that? She acknowledges that she's still at risk for miscarriages, but just wants to issue us a helpful reminder that every life is precious. So it's basically an anti-abortion message concealed within her explanation for announcing her pregnancy at the first sign of a missed period. I see what you did there, Dillards. You cleared your name as far as the immaculate-conception via overly-enthusiastic hand-holding, and I have an inexplicable urge to fight Roe v. Wade until my dying day. How have you managed it???

(Photo: TLC)