Jill And Derick Dillard’s Baby Son Is Already So Over The Duggars, As Evidenced By This Photo

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Jill And Derick Dillard s Baby Son Is Already So Over The Duggars  As Evidenced By This Photo Jill and Derrick Dillard with baby Israel April 2015 jpg

Well, folks, it finally happened. Jill Dillard, formerly Jill Duggar of the “Holy Shit That’s a Lot of Kids” Duggars, gave birth to her first little present from God, with her husband Derick Dillard acting as the middle man. They welcomed their newborn son on Monday night, just a little over nine months after Jill and Derick got married. So they wasted approximately no time getting the Duggars 2.0 started. Based on the above Instagram photo of the new bundle of joy, I’m pretty sure even he is totally over this family.

The baby’s name is Israel David, which was my second prediction after John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. As you can see, he is like so totally over being in this family. Look at that impressive yawn. They couldn’t have captured him at a more perfect moment. I haven’t seen someone that bored since every Grammys ceremony ever. He doesn’t even appreciate that Derick wore a themed “Israel Defense Forces” T-shirt especially for the occasion. (Side note: I really want to steal Jill’s headband, not for working out or giving birth or anything, but mostly so my hair doesn’t get in my face when I’m hunched over a bowl of spaghetti. Also it has my name on it, so she obviously stole it from the lost and found.)

The couple also shared a video announcement on the Duggars’ Facebook page, and Israel is still not feeling it, not even when Jill starts referencing a Bible verse that helped them when not everything to do with the birth went as planned. I’m assuming that has something to do with the fact that they’re in a hospital and not at home like they’d originally planned. I sure hope God’s okay with that.

I can’t wait until Israel is older and starring on the new version of 19 Kids and Counting starring the Dillard family, and he just spends the whole time rolling his eyes and talking shit to the camera. I believe in you, Izzy. (I’m just gonna call you that from now on. Hope that’s cool.)

(Photo: Instagram)