Jessica Simpson watches Dexter, Californication and Brothers and Sisters

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This may seem to be irrelevant news, but I had to post it: Jessica Simpson is a fan of Showtime hits Dexter and Californication and ABC‘s Brothers & Sisters.

This news excited me because I am a HUGE fan of the show Dexter and I was happy to find out that Jess watches it as well! Now I know we'd have at least something to talk about if we ever met.

Image: splashnewsonline.com

Image: splashnewsonline.com

Jess recently Tweeted:

*WARNING*Anyone that looks to me as a rolemodel, don't read this tweet…I LOVE CALIFORNICATION!!!!!!!!

She then Tweeted:

Another…DEXTER!!!!! I had to stay the night with my parents after last nights episode 🙂 Brothers&Sisters made my mom, ash, and I cry..

However, she seems to think that her liking Californication, a show primarily about sex, would somehow affect the public's opinion of her. I disagree. In fact, it heightens my opinion of her! Many people seem to think she is stupid, or a dumb blonde of some sort, but all of those shows are shows typically liked by people of higher intelligence.

What do you think? Does her liking these shows lessen your opinion of her, or is the other way around? Let me know!