Jessica Simpson waiting for Mr. Right

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The scrutiny Jessica Simpson receives from the media regarding her relationships is comparable to no other celebrity. It is constant–even Brangelina and Jennifer Anniston get a few weeks reprieve from gracing the covers of tabloids. Which is why I am personally very pleased to hear that Jessica is “not seeking it out right now,” but instead waiting for Mr. Right to find her.

Image: Pacific Coast News
Image: Pacific Coast News

At the Smile Gala last Friday night, where Jess and her family were being honored for their contributions to the charity, Operation Smile, Jess told E! News:

“I think that in the right time, somebody will find me. I'm not seeking it out right now. I'm waiting…but not miserably!”

See society, it is possible that a woman can be single AND content, even after a recent break-up.

In true Jessica fashion, she also happened to make the crowd laugh with some of her signature TMI. During her speech at the gala, she told the audience:

“Gosh, I'm so emotional. It's not that time of the month, either!”

Hey, a little bit of transparency never hurt a celebrity…