Jessica Simpson Remembers To Name Baby, Forgets To Birth Baby

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Jessica Simpson's career is on fire this week. Her new show, Fashion Star,  launched to rave reviews and she's getting more press than she has since she made her infamous “is this chicken or tuna” comment on her MTV show Newlyweds. While she's doing currently doing the press circut for Fashion Star, the only thing everyone wants to talk about is what's happening in that womb of hers. Or maybe I should say wombS plural, now that we're at the 26th month of pregnany, anything's possible!

As if her announcement yesterday about loving pregnant sex wasn't enough to get you all hot and bothered, today she announced what she's naming her daughter.

(I'll give you a moment to get your drums out.)

Baby Maxwell!

Maxi for short. Especially while her hair is short. You never want to give an androgynous infant an androgynous name, it can lead to all sorts of awkward conversations.

As a baby who's mother had to tape a pink bow on her head so people would stop saying referring to me as “baby boy Maier” I know this all too well. And I had a girl's name, so I don't even know how traumatic that would have been for my family if I was  a Taylor or  a Jordan.

Now the only thing left to do is actually give birth to the baby. Because I think it's ready. I'm no OB/GYN but my visual skills are telling it's time to pop little Maxi out.

Unless of course Jessica Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson are trying to birth a toddler so she can grow up right alongside little Bronx Wentz.

Maxi and Bronx, sounds just like the name for a CBS show about two rough-around-the-edges cops who solve robberies while exchanging quirky quips. I'm sure Papa Joe Simpson's already on it.

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