These Unremarkable But Adorable Pictures Of Jessica Simpson’s Baby Make Me Happy She’s Preggo Again

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Jessica Simpson Fiancee

Here at Crushable we have a small (and appropriate) obsession with celebrity children.  They make us use cutesy words we wouldn't normally have in our vocabulary, and sometimes we let our imaginations run away with us and we write fan-fiction about them.  (Maybe that one's just me?)  Anyway, Jessica Simpson‘s daughter Maxwell is so cute in these Christmas-y pictures on Instagram that I hope she really is knocked up again!

Baby weight be damned!  Who cares about wearing muumuus when you produce such adorable children?  As long as this super fast second pregnancy isn't an indication of Jess joining the Duggar cult, I'm okay with it.

Jessica's captions aren't interesting enough for me, so sometimes I add my own.  I call this one “Huh?” because she's obviously not pleased or impressed with whoever is trying to get her undivided attention.


This one is called “Meh” because just as Maxwell suspected, she's not impressed. She looks like she simply can't be bothered trying to visit with a fake mall Santa or play with some toy that is clearly beneath her.

Jessica-Simpson-Baby 2

If these photos don't get you excited about whatever will be popping out of Jessica Simpson's vagina in a few months (or 14, since she has the gestational period of an elephant), then may God have mercy on your soul.

(Photos: Instagram)