Jessica Simpson on Good Morning America Today (Without Underwear)

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Jessica Simpson helped kick off her new album today by appearing on Good Morning America. It was a typical “Jess” appearance! She flubbed up a song, joked about having B.O., and didn't bother to wear any panties.

I've got more pictures and videos of her appearance below.




***Update from Cherie's editor*** The picture of Jessica's bum was removed after we were contacted and told it was doctored. We were forced to take it down but I just have to say that, whoever “doctored” that image was amazing with photoshop because it looked like her derrière to me!

Jessica does the pre-concert interview from her dressing room and makes sure she talks about the Jessica Simpson line of clothes and shoes as well. Then at the end she throws a shameless plug in for her Fancy perfume, saying, “Ooop, got to spray some on myself, I got some B.O.” It's a little over the top, but then that's our Jess! Take a look.

Jessica sings “With You” and has to start over because she can't hear herself.

Of course she couldn't get by without singing her new country single, “Come on Over.” I really like Jessica's voice when she's singing the chorus in this song, but when she does the verses I think she's adding a bit too much twang. What do you think? Take a listen.

Finally, Jessica starting to sing “Still Beautiful.” (Looks like she's having mic problems again.)

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Images used with permission from Newscom.