Jessica Simpson Kisses Two Girls At Once, Because Kissing Just One Doesn’t Get You Attention Anymore

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I hope you're in the mood to have “I Kissed a Girl” stuck in your head for the rest of the day. That's what ends up happening to me every time I read about girls kissing each other. You might want to change the lyric to “I kissed three girls,” though, because that's what Jessica Simpson did this weekend. While biding time until her next pregnancy jumps out from behind a potted plant and surprises her one of these days, Jessica went to someone else's baby shower at a restaurant in Los Angeles. While there, she and two of her friends — Odette Annable and Stephenie Pearson — participated in a three-way kiss.

Even if it didn't progress any further than the Instagram photo above depicts, it's safe to say they at least swapped some air, possibly some food particles, and probably a tiny bit of saliva from Stephenie's tongue. It's very much out of her mouth. She's really giving Miley Cyrus a run for her money there. Speaking of Miley Cyrus, remember when she and Katy Perry kissed at that concert the other day? Was it just me, or were a lot of other people pretty “meh” about it after it happened? I feel like the Twitter feud that followed it was ten times more shocking/entertaining/attention-grabbing than the kiss itself.

I have a feeling Jessica Simpson noticed this too, and therefore she decided to raise the straight girls kissing bar so that at least three participants are required. How else was she supposed to remind us she exists? Her adorable children were unavailable to be photographed, so she grabbed the nearest females and puckered up. You gotta give her points for creativity. Jessica captioned the photo, in part: “Girls night out…with our guys watching..” and added “yummy” to the end. Eh, the “yummy” might be overkill, but you do you, Jessica Simpson. Keep that fame alive… until you have another baby. Seriously, where is it? It's not like you to be tardy.