Thank God Jessica Simpson Is On Instagram Now, Because Her Kids Are Effing Adorable

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Jessica Simpson kissing the cheek of her daughter, Maxwell Drew in Instagram photo January 2014 Up until now, Jessica Simpson was far from the first name that would jump into my head when you asked me my favorite celebrity Instagram to stalk. For one thing, she's never actually had an account up until two weeks ago, but for another, I just never really catch myself wondering what Jessica Simpson is up to.

Jessica Simpson's fiancee Eric Johnson holding up Maxwell and Drew Instagram January 2014

She's never involved in any Justin Bieber-style scandals, doesn't start up exciting Twitter-feuds with anyone, and can't provide exciting behind-the-scenes looks at any of my favorite TV shows or movies, on account of not starring in them. Mostly my knowledge of her is as a constantly-pregnant source of charmingly ignorant quotes from back in the early 2000s, when she was married to Nick Lachey and they had their own reality show.

Jessica Simpson and her daughter Maxwell in a diaper and boots Instagram January 2014

But even with all those things counting against her, Jessica does have one piece of artillery in her arsenal that I forgot to take into account — ADORABLE EFFING KIDS.

Jessica Simpson kissing her son Ace Knute on the cheek in Instagram photo from January 2014

Jessica has two of them: her daughter, Maxwell Drew, who will be two years old in May of this year, and her son, Ace Knute, who will turn one in June. And oh my god, they are so cute. She's only had her account for about two weeks, but already it's flooded with photos of Max, Ace, and her fiance, Eric Johnson, that are very dangerous to my ovaries.

Jessica Simpson's fiance Eric Johnson with her two kids Maxwell and Ace at bathtime Instagram January 2014

I've included a few highlights here, but just know that there are almost certainly many more to come, soyou should probably set aside some dedicated time to catch yourself up and figure out why the hell these pictures are making your biological clock tick SO EFFING LOUD.

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