Jessica Simpson is a Natural Brunette!

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Jessica Simpson brown hair

Who would have guessed that Jessica Simpson isn't blonde after all!  [Insert dumb blonde joke here] hehe

Jessica Simpson has revealed she isn’t the natural blonde she is often taken to be.

She told Extra recently that her newly dyed brunette locks are much closer to her natural tone: “People don’t know that about me. I was really blonde as a kid, but then I just started getting darker and darker.”

She added that her decision to ditch the bleach – and to not be bothered by a few extra pounds on her usually slim frame – is part of her new more confident outlook: “I’ve really become comfortable in who I am and my skin and just feeling beautiful five pounds heavier, five pounds smaller.”

But that extra weight isn’t going to last long as she’s going to start getting into shape for her new film Major Movie Star – where she plays a celebrity who joins the Marines: “I am going to be all ripped!”

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