Jessica Simpson Hides Her Pregnancy Announcement Behind All The Kim Kardashian Divorce News

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Jessica Simpson has learned a valuable lesson from January Jones: Announce your pregnancy on a day when someone else's news is dominating the Internet. That must be why the singer and former reality star decided to finally confirm what we've all known for weeks—on the same day that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries.

Jessica posted a photo of her dressed up in Egyptian garb to her personal site with the cheesy caption, It's true! I am going to be a mummy! We could have done without the pun, but at least it's out in the open now.

We had the exact same knee-jerk reaction that Gawker did: Choosing today ensures that the news gets buried underneath all of the reactions to Kim's divorce, therefore saving Jess from bloggers who would criticize her for stupidly waiting so long to announce her pregnancy that she lost any chance for positive publicity and/or payment.

We weren't about to let Jessica get away that easily. At least now we know for sure and can stop speculating on it. (And yes, it is fiance Eric Johnson‘s baby.)

It's scary how much history is repeating itself here: A “royal wedding” (or divorce) plus a blonde who's knocked up.