Jessica Simpson Does Foot Duty on the Ryan Seacreast Show

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I have to ask this in all seriousness: Does Ryan Seacrest have some kind of foot fetish? I remember a few episodes now with American Idol, where he jumped at the chance to take off Mandisa's shoes and he also commented on Katherine McPhee's feet.

Do you remember? Mandisa was being interviewed before a song, and he asked her how she was doing and she had these giant high heels on and she said her feet were killing her. As soon as she got it out of her mouth, he said, “You should take your shoes off? You want me to take them off?” Then he dove down by her feet and actually took off her shoes for her.

It was actually quite an ackward TV moment. But he's commented here and there other times on people's feet, and one I remember is when Katherine McPhee was performing from the floor (and WHY she did that, heaven knows) but he commented on how she had matched her nail polish to her outfit.

I thought of these things recently when I came across this clip. It's of Jessica Simpson on Ryan's show, and she's showing her “hidden talent” which is to pick up things with her feet. So she's got a bowl of fruit in front of her, and she's lifting various pieces of fruit out of the bowl. Check it out.

Jessica seems to be a very good sport with this all, but I can't imagine how she responded when they told her they wanted her to pick up fruit with her feet. Perhaps this is what she offered up as her hidden talent, but something tells me it was Seacrest's idea.