10 Instagrams Proving Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Is The Cutest Ever, So Quit Trying

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OMG I can't even GIF from Pride and Prejudice Mr. Darcy(via)

If you're experiencing any kind of late afternoon slump, Jessica Simpson and I are here to bring you a little pick-me-up in the form of her adorable daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson.

In all fairness, Jessica has probably contributed more than I have, considering that she's the one who went to all the trouble to create Maxi in the first place, but I was pretty helpful too! I went all the way through Instagram and collected the cutest pictures of her! I deserve, like…basically as much credit as if I'd gone through labor with Maxi myself, right? I'm not super familiar with exactly what giving birth entails, but I'm assuming it has a lot to do with clicking a mouse a bunch of times and then posting on social media until everyone is jealous of your life.

But whatever the miracle of life is (don't tell me!!!), these photos are undeniable proof that Maxi is the cutest kid ever, so everyone else can take back their applications and step right off.

Platinum blond ringlets? C'mon you guys.

“What is this camera and why does it deserve to be graced by my adorable presence?”

I think someone might've snuck over to the Jolie-Pitt house and stolen some genetics for that pout.

She's like, barely tolerating her own mom at this point. “You can be in the photo, but let's all agree that I'm the real star.”

Oh right and she's already more stylishly dressed than I ever will be in my whole entire life.


All swaddled up next to her brother, Ace Knute, who's a strong contender for a second prize in cuteness. Sorry bud, but Maxi's got first all locked up.

Already pulling off a bang-braid, smh.

What an adorable tiny human. I just can't handle it.


I rest my case.