Despite Heroic Incubation, Jessica Simpson Will Get Relatively Little Money For Her Baby Pics

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Despite incubating a giant monster baby for upwards of a year, Jessica Simpson might not get the big pay day she's hoping for when releasing her first baby photos.

Due to dwindling budgets, Simpson's falling star, or both, “experts” are predicting J-Simp will get less than $1 million for the exclusive publishing rights to her first photos of newborn daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson. Just four years ago, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got a cool $15 million (which they gave to charity) for photos of twins Knox and Vivienne, but pop culture writer Cooper Lawrence tells E! that “they were the last…that ship has sailed.”

Instead, various reporters estimate that Simpson will get about $750,000 for her baby photos, which Lawrence reminds us is “a lot of money for people like us…But it's not a lot of money for a celebrity baby photo.” Allow me to pause and shed one single, bitter tear.

This devastating news comes at a time when the memory of her inability to net $500,000 for a mere admission of pregnancy is still fresh in her mind, no doubt adding to the sting. To get the big bucks, the new mom will actually have to do things…and no, I don't mean record more music. She's already obtained a $3 million contract with Weight Watchers to lose “the baby weight,” and she'd best fit back into those old mom jeans soon if she wants to keep it.

(Via E! Online)