American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez Gets A Standing Ovation For ‘Everybody Has A Dream’

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Jessica Sanchez, the 16-year-old breakout star of American Idol this season is the number one reason to watch the show every week. Her performances continues to blow us away and last night's rendition of Billy Joel's “Everybody Has a Dream” was no exception.

Whenever she steps onto the stage I'm always amazed with what comes out of her mouth. She's a teenage girl with the voice of a grown woman and it always makes me pause for a second and wonder if that's really her voice. But that could just be my jealously speaking.

While I sat and contemplated how someone so young, could be so talented, the studio audience gave her a standing ovation for her performance. The judges were equally impressed and had nothing but praise for the young singer.

Steven Tyler said, “you've gone way past my judging, when god was giving out vocal cords, you were so at the front of the line.” And Randy Jackson followed that up with, “doing this show for 11 seasons, it takes consistency to win, every time you step up, every week, you have to have a moment, you have  a moment every time you step on that stage, I love it, you're flawless, it was perfect.”

With compliments like that you have to start believing that Jessica Sanchez could win this whole thing. It's down to the final 10 and she's getting closer and closer to the top.