Jessica Chastain Has The Most Implausible Life Resolution, Claims She’ll Never Date An Actor

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Jessica ChastainWhen The Help came out I had a hunch that I should be paying attention to Jessica Chastain. But I didn't. And even though Zero Dark Thirty is doing so well and it’s only a matter of time before she’s in every critically acclaimed film, I still haven't. I still wasn't hooked. Until now.

As a generally private person who stuck to movies only popular at film festivals, Jessica Chastain has gone ahead and put herself on every blogger’s radar with recent statements concerning her love life. The Daily Mail quoted her from the February edition of InStyle where she revealed she’s got one rule when it comes to dating: no actors.

Why put this in print, Jessica?! What a rookie mistake. Only child stars are allowed to throw away such hasty comments. It’s like saying you’ll never do a nude scene when you’re 15, but then years later promise of an Oscar comes along and the clothes come off faster than you can say “action.”

Jessica Chastain goes on to reveal her reasoning behind rule numero uno.

I have dated an actor before, at Juilliard [drama school], but since then, I've only been on a couple of dates with one and I was so freaked out someone was going to take a picture of us, because they were famous.  ‘I realised I wanted just to be able to hang out with someone… And I didn't want to talk about the business, first of all. I love movies. But I love talking about them like when I was 15 years old. I’m a film fan, but I don’t want to talk about auditions or what movie I’m gonna do. I find that so boring.'

I cry unfair discrimination! Not all actors only like to talk about acting and auditions. Jeez. Just like not all celebrity bloggers only talk about celebrities.Okay maybe we do. Not the point. Point is not all two actors are the same and eventually someone will convince you of that and you'll give them a chance. Maybe it'll be today. Maybe tomorrow. Either way It will happen.

Unfortunately for Jessica—who’s naive enough to think she can keep her current boyfriend a secret—everyone will pay much more attention to her love life now. The Daily Mail writes:

Refusing to reveal who the mystery man was, the redhead beauty remained equally guarded about her current beau, only divulging that ‘some people in the fashion world' know who he is.

Now I’m patiently waiting for word on her boyfriend and the moment when she slips up and dates one of her co-stars. Until then…

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