Jessica Biel Has Totally Never Fantasized About Her Wedding To Justin Timberlake

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We've had our doubts about Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake‘s relationship in the past, but last night at the Total Recall premiere, Jessica laid all our fears to rest with some choice quotes about how their wedding is totally happening, she's just not sure when, where or how. Or if.

When reporters asked if she'd always fantasized about her wedding day, she replied in a way that suggested she doth protest a little too much. “I never dreamt about what I would wear, what it would look like or what it would be,” she told USA Today. She's also never fantasized about the cute little napkin holders she'd pick out, which Mariah Carey song she'd choose for the first dance, or what it will feel like when JT finally has unprotected sex with her for the first of five times as per their legally notarized marriage contract.

She continued: “Even now I still just feel like, I don't even know when it will ever happen because we're so busy.” DON'T YA?

The more time goes by, the more I think Jenni is right that this marriage is never going to happen. Justin will realize he has zero to gain from legally binding himself to his B-list fake girlfriend, and he will flee into the arms of Amanda Seyfried and/or Chace Crawford faster than you can say “that's a scary pre-nup.” I suggest she seek an arrangement with someone more predictable next time, like Tom Cruise or the ghost of Liberace.

(Via USA Today)

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