Jessica Alba’s Company Is In Pretty Big Trouble For Selling Shady Baby Products (Updated)

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I don't know if you guys knew this, but Jessica Alba founded a company called ‘The Honest Company', a name that's pretty ripe with irony now that they're being investigated by the Better Business Bureau.

It's a combination home goods company and lifestyle brand that was started two years ago and it set to launch at Target stores nationwide next week, which is pretty crappy timing considering that they just had their accreditation revoked “by BBB’s Board of Directors due to failure to respond to one or more customer complaints filed with the BBB.” There have been nine complaints logged since March 10th, 2013, and they cover a variety of topics from advertising and sales issues, business and collection issues, and five with the product and service itself.

As Radar Online points out, six of those issues were resolved via assistance from the Bureau, one was not resolved to the customer's satisfaction (so…not resolved, right? how is it resolved if someone's still unhappy?), and two were never addressed at all by The Honest Company. Whoopsies! In deciding to remove their accreditation, the BBB says they took into account the fact that the business has only been operating for two years, and has already accumulated three unresolved complaints. Those aren't great odds, and they've been enough to give the company a C- rating at present.

And this isn't even the first time that The Honest Company has drawn scrutiny from the BBB. They first drew attention to themselves last fall when they made it known they'd be working with foreign factories moving forward, including some in China, like American Hygienics Corporation. AHC is one of The Honest Company's main suppliers, and they've been banned from importing to the United States twice after FDA inspectors found ‘unsafe' drugs in their shipments.

WHOOPS. Maybe this has nothing to do with Jessica, but if you're a celebrity and you sign your name onto a product (especially if you aren't doing much acting right now), you better be damn sure it's not the kind of company that's being accused of using unsafe materials in their baby wipes.

[Correction: We received a note from the American Hygienics Corporation, “The article in question referenced products we manufactured for a pet care brand over 5 years ago. In speaking with representatives from this brand we learned that the FDA flagged the initial shipment of two pet products to labeling compliance issues, not for any healthy, safety or ingredient quality concerns related to the composition of the product itself. Upon adjusting the labels to meet the FDA requirement the product was approved for import and the pet care company has marketed and sold these products successfully in the US to this day. To be clear, the focus of the FDA was solely on the pet care brand's marketing claims on their labels, not for the product itself. AHC has never been warned, banned or restricted by the FDA, and never been banned from doing business in the US from any government or other organization.”]