Jessica Alba Loves Monkeys (& they Love her Back)

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arctic-monkeys.jpgIt is all about love with Jessica Alba recently. After she made her feelings to Eva Longoria public, she now spoke about her favorite music.

Jessica is, apparently, a big indie rock fan and cannot get enough of the Arctic Monkeys. Jessica was quoted as said “I'm listening to indie rock now more than anything. I really like bands like the Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, the Cold War Kids and Cat Power. They're fantastic!”

Surprisingly (or not), Arctic Monkeys leading singer spoke about Jessica Alba recently as well, mentioning he dreams of her, “I have this one dream where Jessica Alba is chasing after me but she's a vampire.

“So it's a laugh but then she gets you so you're like, ‘S**t!', but then you become vampire friends and you roam together.