Jessica Alba Looks Stunning at L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art Event

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Again I'm not surprised how beautiful Jessica Alba looks  when she's walks onto the red carpet. This past Saturday she attended L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art 30th Anniversary Party. Several celebrities were in attendance including our beloved Ms. Alba. It was definitely a night of fashion forward stars and Jessica's outfit stood out on the pink carpet!

Her halter black cocktail dress paired with killer satin red pumps and clutch are stunning!


She may not ‘feel sexy' but she sure does look it! Those shoes are to die for!

I have three great shots of Jessica after the jump!



She is totally photogenic and you can tell the paparazzi love her for this reason alone. Even when she's out shopping she still looks great.


Her makeup is incredible too! The maroon lipstick which isn't usually a choice I would go for totally suits her dark hair and complexion.

Jessica Alba sure is one yummy mummy!

Image Credits: Fame Pictures