Jessica Alba Hits the Red Carper at Voto Latino Event

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Jessica Alba was among several celebrities who hit up the red carped the Voto Latino event dedicated to the DNC. Jessica was joined by J.Lo, Rosario Dawson, Sofia Vergara, Fat Joe and Wilmer Valderrama, all who stopped and talked to the crowd and posed for pictures on their way into the club.

In a quick interview Jessica said:

“I am so happy to support Barack. I adore his way, I love how human he is, he gives us hope, I feel like we can relate to him, and the first step to making a difference or any kind of change in the way that our country is being ran is by getting out and voting.”

Voto Latino, is a four-year-old organization that’s making inroads with registering and informing Latino voters about what looks like only the Democratic party.