Modern Family Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson And Regular Person Justin Mikita Are My New Favorite It Couple

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After seeing the super adorable video of Jesse Tyler Ferguson talking about how he proposed to his fiance Justin Mikita make the Internet rounds last week, they instantly hit my radar as a possible  favorite couple for fall 2012. Yes, it's true. Just like Starbucks, I switch everything out on a seasonal basis. Clothes, hairstyles, restaurants and favorite couples. It's probably not a coincidence that this season's favorite couple invovles a redhead. Sorry, I'm not sorry for running my life around the fall foliage color scheme. While they made my radar last week, they won the coveted top spot on my favorite couples list with their brilliant performance as “couple in love” last night. Not only do I watch Modern Family religiously (apparently, along with every single Emmy voter out there), but I'm also super into Justin Mikita's looks. He's pretty hot. And pretty normal. The 27-year-old lawyer isn't in showbiz and I think that's what makes him even more mysterious and more alluring. Who is he and how does he function without a hair and make-up team!? Every time the camera panned over to the couple last night, I couldn't help but feel my heart giving itself a hug. They're just too darn precious together. So I took it upon myself to stalk their Twitters for your sake. You know, so you can see what I'm talking about. As always, you're welcome for introducing even more love into your life. (Photos: @JesseTyler and @JustinMikita)