Jesse Tyler Ferguson Doing A Bunch Of Silly Dance Moves On Ellen Is Unexpectedly Hilarious

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Doing A Bunch Of Silly Dance Moves On Ellen Is Unexpectedly Hilarious Jesse Tyler Ferguson Ellen Show dancing September 2014 jpg

Do you ever go to watch a video and think, “I’m sure I’m going to hate this, or at least not be amused by it at all, and I’ll regret ever pressing play”? And yet you watch it anyway because maybe, just maybe, you’ll be entertained? That’s what happened when I clicked on this video of Jesse Tyler Ferguson auditioning for Dancing With the Stars on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I’m pleased to inform you I was entertained. I even laughed. Out loud. And Jesse couldn’t even hear me, so I wasn’t just doing it to humor him.

I don’t know what it was that made me think it would be bad. Maybe that I’m getting tired of Modern Family winning the Emmy every damn year, and I was projecting it onto Jesse. Or maybe I expected his dancing to be so bad that it wouldn’t even be funny, just sad. And I don’t like to feel sad, especially about dancing. Whatever it was that made me wary, my fears were soon assuaged as soon as he started busting a move.

Ellen calls out styles of dance to Jesse, and he does a quick little routine for each of them. And he’s actually… kind of good? I mean, he looks very silly, and that’s why I laughed, but each style is recognizable, and there are actual moves involved, not just random flailing. The thing that made me, the audience and Ellen herself crack up was the fact that he does them all so quickly, as if he’s being timed. I know it’s a TV show and they might have to go to commercial break soon, but he acts like the dance moves are the steps to defuse a bomb that’s set to go off in the next 30 seconds and he has to rush through them. Which is why I enjoyed this greatly. You defuse that dance bomb, Jesse!