5 Facts About Jesse Heiman, The Actor Who Kisses Bar Rafaeli In Go Daddy’s Superbowl Ad

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If you, like me, saw the chubby nerd making out with Bar Rafaeli in Go Daddy's terrible Superbowl ad and thought you'd seen him somewhere before, it's probably because you have. Dude's name is Jesse Heinman, and he has been a character actor for longer than you might guess from his youthful appearance. From Old School to The Mindy Project, he has been in all kinds of stuff. And not all of it was humiliating! Here are five facts about everyone's new favorite anti-sex symbol. (Go Daddy's implication, not mine.)

1. He is older than he looks. According to his IMDB page, he was born in 1978 in Boston, MA, which makes him 34 now.

2. His “breakout roles” include one of the pledges in Old School and a non-speaking trombone player in American Pie 2. Other credits include Entourage, Bones, The Mindy Project, Parks and Recreation (in which he played “water fountain drinker”) and The Mind Of Mencia (in which he played “nerdy guy.”

3. He might look like a math and/or science geek, but he actually has a BA in English from the Texas State University of San Marcos.

4. Despite what the commercial would have you believe, his brain is not his only appealing quality. Bar Rafaeli says he's “a very good kisser,” and he has a good sense of humor, too. “There's not really a Yelp for kissing. There should be … maybe Go Daddy can make a website for that,” he told Business Insider.

5. He gained a bit of viral fame in March of 2011 a supercut of his roles someone posted to Youtube went viral:

Still: Go Daddy