And Now For His Next Trick, Jesse Eisenberg Will Turn Himself Into A Total Dick During An Interview

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Jesse Eisenberg Now You See Me Interview Univision Romina Puga

Just when I thought nothing would make me cringe more than Bruce Jenner getting his revegenda on during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, Michael Cera impersonator Jesse Eisenberg steps up to the plate with one of the most uncomfortable interviews I've ever seen. I'm still looking for my skin that I crawled out of while watching it. Yes, it's really that bad. And I'm not quite sure why it had to be.

While I understand that doing press tours for movies must get pretty annoying after awhile, I would think that the 7-figure paycheck would be enough to motivate actors to play nice while doing interviews. (Or in the case of Morgan Freeman, simply stay awake.) However Jesse Eisenberg clearly disagrees with me because during a recent interview with Univision's Romina Puga for Now You See Me, he decided to be a huge douchebag. Romina writes about her horrible experience right here and kicks it off with the sentence “So, I was just humiliated by Jesse Eisenberg.”

Sure, being asked to do magic tricks must get old after awhile. But c'mon, it's movie about magic. You have to know that going into it that you'll be asked that a lot. It be would like if I got annoyed every time someone confused me with someone with actual celebrity insider info and questioned me on what's really going on with Amanda Bynes. It's part of the job. And once again, Jesse gets paid pretty handsomely for the job. (At least more handsomely than a blogger.) So he can slap on a smile and pretend to be enjoying himself during the press tour. Especially since he's not exactly an huge movie star yet. Yes, The Social Network did incredibly well. But Now You See Me isn't getting the best reviews. So he might want to take a break from riding his high horse around town next time he's promoting a movie.