Jesse And The Rippers Reunite On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, I Say ‘Have Mercy’ And Let’s Hit The Smash Club

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Jesse and the Rippers Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 7-19-13

Like many of you, I spent my Friday night drinking craft beer with friends and enjoying the stifling east coast heat wave.  I just made sure I was home in time to witness the absolute miracle that was Uncle Jesse performing–in full mullet and leather vest attire–with Jesse and the Rippers on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  That's right, the best rock band to come out of the '90s wasn't Pearl Jam or Nirvana or even Los del Rio… it was Jesse and the Rippers, covering old hits like “Hippy Hippy Shake” and “Forever.”

Jimmy Fallon seems to not only understand this, but also the need for '90s pop culture icon reunions, so he re-created The Smash Club and invited the original Rippers on stage for a performance.  John Stamos, being the ridiculously good-looking sport that he is, donned his favorite Jesse Katzopoulis threads, a very realistic mullet wig, and took to the stage for a performance so fine it made Frank Sinatra look like a hobo:

No, your hungover eyes did not deceive you… Danny Tanner and Rebecca Donaldson were there too!  It's like Jimmy Fallon knows how many weeknights I spend watching Full House on Nick at Nite (By the way, how are we old enough to have our childhood shows on Nick at Nite? Shouldn't that be reserved for ancient classics like The Brady Bunch and I Love Lucy?!).  All that was missing was DJ and Kimmy, rocking out to these old-school hits like they did at many a high school fundraiser and also earlier this month–in real life–at a New Kids on the Block concert.

Now have mercy and WATCH THE HAIR, capisce?

Jesse and the Rippers Late Night Jimmy Fallon 7-19-13

(Photo: NBC)