Jessa Duggar’s Engagement Photo, Now Featuring 100% More Fake Smiles

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Isn't it crazy how fast kids Duggars grow these days? One week you're sending them out on hot dates chaperoned by their younger siblings, and the next they're gritting their teeth through their engagement photos!

At least that's the case for Jessa Duggar, who at the end of last week announced her engagement to Ben Seewald, the charming young man whom she's been ‘courting' for the past eleven months. (For the uninitiated, courting is that thing were you can touch arms and do side-hugs,but obvi still save your first hand-holding for your engagement and your kiss for your wedding day.) Normally I'd guess that a Duggar bride-to-be would be in a frenzy of hand-holding post-engagement (I'm looking at you, Jill, you saucy minx), but for some reason, I suspect that isn't the case with young Jessa.

And you know why? BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T EVEN LIKE THE GUY. We've seen it time and time again with her, that haze that goes over her eyes anytime she's in contact with Ben. She's smiling with her mouth, but her face is going ‘NOOOOOOOOOO', and her engagement photos are no exception. Just look at that bright bright smile and those dead dead eyes! Look at the way he gazes hungrily at her mouth, longing to kiss it for the first time on the day they bind themselves to each other eternally. (And beyond, because Heaven!)

Maybe they are thrilled to be together, and my secular eyes just can't intuit the intricacies of their heavenly bond, but I dunno guys…Jessa is totes not smizing right now. Tyra would be v. displeased.