Jessa Duggar’s Hot Dates Are Now Being Chaperoned By Her Younger Siblings

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Jessa Duggar Ben Seewald Hot Springs Twitter photo June 2014

While newlyweds Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard enjoyed their honeymoon — which was undoubtedly spent trumpet-kissing while outlining their five-year/ten-baby plan — her sister Jessa Duggar continued her whirlwind courtship with Ben Seewald. Ben shared a photo of them on their way to Hot Springs, Arkansa, this weekend. But lest you worry they went away together unsupervised, you can rest easy knowing Jessa's younger siblings were there to play “lil chaperones,” as Starcasm puts it.

I guess Jessa's father Jim Bob was busy getting his wife pregnant again or something, so he had to send in substitute chaperones to make sure Jessa and Ben didn't go past the side hug stage of their relationship. Oh, you haven't heard about the side hug? That's as much as Jessa and Ben are allowed to do with each other. If you want to use baseball metaphors, if first base is kissing, I think side hugs are like the ticket booth. Or riding the subway on the way to the stadium. Or just thinking about going to a baseball game at some point in the future.

So little Justin and Johannah tagged along in the backseat, as evidenced by the above photo Ben posted to Twitter. Their presence was presumably to ensure no frontal bodily touching occurred. Because Jessa and Ben know better than to display such sinful behavior in front of impressionable children. Based on another photo Ben posted, however, those two courtbirds tried their darnedest to have a little side-to-side cheek-touching privacy without the kids around. But unfortunately, as evidenced by the tiny peace sign being given in the backseat (Where'd they learn that dirty hippie symbol?), the chaperones were still present.

Look at that heart Ben added. Does this mean he hearts Jessa? Moving a little quickly there, aren't we, Ben? It might even be too soon for you to like like her. You save those emoji hearts for when you're thirteen children into your relationship. Let's not be risque while the kids are watching.

(Photo: Twitter)