Jersey Shore’s Angelina Feeds Her Fame Addiction, Gets Engaged On The Red Carpet

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Just when we started to feel bad for Angelina Pivarnick, she finds a new way to  keep her name in the headlines.  Just yesterday, we reported that the former Jersey Shore star was causing a ruckus with the producers of Celebrity Rehab, by demanding more money and refusing to quit drinking.

But if Angelina is an addict, it's more like that she's addicted to cameras than alcohol. Because yesterday she got “engaged.” On the red carpet.

Her boyfriend, Dave Kovacs, proposed to her yesterday in front of photographers and journalists at Fashion Week. Look at that picture. Angelina couldn't be more delighted. Dave certainly knows her well, because he proposed in her favorite place.

Oh No They Didn't! reports that Angelina immediately said yes. A witness told People:

“She was completely surprised and said, ‘Are you serious?' She looked really happy and shocked…She covered her face with her hand and dropped the ring on carpet because she was so nervous. He then picked her up and they hugged and kissed.'”

I think her boyfriend clearly must hail from a town without a cable or Internet connection, because he would have to be insane to propose after witnessing her antics on Jersey Shore. Then again, she's probably a pretty entertaining person to be around. And maybe he's hoping for an Angelina: Getting Married? spin-off. Good luck with that, you two!