The Jersey Shore House Is A Dump, But Not Only Because Of The Cast Members

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Jersey Shore house vandalism fans tagging

The poor Seaside Heights house on Jersey Shore has taken quite the beating in the last few years that it has housed Snooki and co—like when she and The Situation threw dairy, pickles, ketchup, and anything else in their fridge all over the house in the most unappealing food fight we'd ever seen. I can't say this unequivocally because I don't watch the show much, but I imagine that this house has taken more damage than any of the Real World places.

That said, that only concerns the inside of the house. And you know that there are probably Jersey-based cleaning crews making their year's salary off keeping the place nice for future episodes. But what's interesting is that the outside of the house suffers just as much, from fans who drop by to vandalize the setting of their favorite reality show.

TMZ posted these photos, which show the abuse the house suffers when it's vacant. Fans drop by to tag the outside walls with their names and messages like “We love u Snookie [sic]” and “Fuck [?] The Situation.” As you can see, a whole bevy of them stopped by on April 14th to leave their mark. It's gotten so bad that the realtor — who's responsible for maintaining the house when the show isn't in production — has to repaint the white walls once a week. Additionally, people have been stealing roof shingles and “messing with the front door” (trying to break in?) when they can.

The realtor told TMZ that he's enlisted both security and local cops to catch the vandals. Or maybe MTV will incorporate them into season 6!

Jersey Shore house vandalism fans tagging

However, Seaside Heights in general is benefiting from the presence of the MTV show: Last week, App.com ran a story on how HBO, Disney, and other studios have all booked shooting times in the town following Jersey Shore‘s success. So at least the cast used their powers for good, however briefly.

Photos: TMZ