Jersey Shore: Mike Sorrentino Is Back In My Good Graces

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Jersey Shore  Mike Sorrentino Is Back In My Good Graces Mike Sorrentino The Situation Jersey Shore Paula Pickard rehab drugs alcohol breakup 640x930 jpgAfter weeks of feeling a veritable rollercoaster of emotion for one Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, I’m back on an upswing again with this week’s episode of Jersey Shore. I’d been mad at him recently for the fact that he broke up with Paula Pickard, but after her behavior last night, I’m starting to get why they’re not a perfect match.

Sure, Paula is obsessed with Mike and has been even before he went to rehab, and even before he was super super famous, so we know her feelings are real…but it turns out she’s also not the brightest bulb. At the club last night, she asked Mike to hold her drink for her while she went and did something. Her drink. With alcohol in it. In the hand of her newly-rehabbed ex-boyfriend. C’mon girl. You know better than that. I’m impressed that Mike is even able to be at the shore and on the show, let alone in the club and talking to and dancing with people who are drinking. It speaks a lot to his willpower that he hasn’t slipped up, but putting an actual drink in his hand? Yeah that’s a definite no-no. And after he gets upset with her, she storms away like he did something wrong. Nope nope nope. No thank you.

Mike also sat down with Snooki for a serious conversation to apologize for everything that went down in Italy, and it actually went really well. Snooki said she’d been waiting for him to approach her, and she accepted his apology and said she was gonna try to move forward, even though it was hard. The two of them had a good enough conversation that she gave him a high-five at the end, and actually was interested in and contributed to the conversation about him and Paula that took place back at the house.

So yeah, he has his ups-and-downs, but in general it really does seem like Mike is on a good path. After all, Sammi and Ronnie were at each others’ throats for like three whole seasons and we’ve still forgiven them now that they’re acting normal again. Mike is an addict in recovery, so I guess we should afford him the same level of understanding. In other news, the girls are pranking Deena into thinking their house is haunted, Jenni told Jionni he needs to be around more, and Vinny took Jionni aside to apologize and then the boys took him out for stogies and grilling, since he’s gonna be their new brother-in-law. (Because they consider Snooki a sister. Ugh. Who would’ve thought season one that I’d ever feel sentimental about Jersey Shore.)

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