Deena From Jersey Shore Is One Sad Meatball In Her New Mugshot

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Surprising no one, another Jersey Shore cast-mate has added an arrest and mugshot to their record and it's…drumroll, please…Deena Cortese! During filming for the MTV reality show, Deena was drunkenly dancing around in the street outside of a Mexican restaurant in Seaside Heights trying to get cars to literally Jersey Turnpike her when she was arrested for disorderly conduct.

In a video TMZ obtained of the incident, you can see that the police are present the whole time, and at first seem inclined to let her behavior slide, but after a few moments, they move in and make an arrest as Ronnie and Sammi look on. Poor Deena. She's probably just acting out because her fellow meatball is marinating a mini-meatball and can't come out drunk-dancing with her anymore.

But there is a silver lining to this terrible American tragedy — we get a new mugshot to look at and critique! Now, Snooki was the real trailblazer here, in the art of taking the perfect mugshot, so Deena can only benefit from her mentor's instruction. In Snooki's picture, she's made-up, but there are streaks from tears, so the effect is ruined. Deena seems to have adjusted to that critique like a champ, though, and wore waterproof make-up so her tears stayed on her lashes like beautiful, dewy raindrunks. I mean raindrops.

Deena also looks a little sad, which I don't understand. Girl, every time you get arrested, God makes eighty-five more people watch Jersey Shore every week! Well, and kills a puppy. But our shelters are overcrowded, so don't sweat the small stuff!

All in all I'd give this mugshot a solid B+. She's giving us perfect ‘what have I done' eyes, ‘pity me' mouth, and pulled-together hair, to round it all out. Not bad for a first effort. And bonus — we get to see all this drama happen again in a few months when the episode airs! It's like double reality! We're so lucky!

(Image: tmz.com)