Jeremy Lin Says He’s Not The Type To Date Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian is known for dating famous athletes, so when rumors began swirling that she had her eye on Knicks superstar Jeremy Lin, they didn't seem too off-base. But like Danilo Gallinari before him, Lin says he's just not interested, and also that he hasn't heard from her (yet).

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Lin took a moment to dispel the rumors, saying, “Stuff about me dating Kim Kardashian, I mean, I have no idea where that came from.” “I'm not that type,” he then added, making everyone think he's even cooler than we already do and guaranteeing he's going to be fouled on by Kris Humphries.

For her part, Kim has denied the rumors as well, although if they were true, do you really think she'd tell us? According to former teammate Alex Blankenau, Lin is a bad boyfriend anyway, so she's not really missing out on much. (And by “bad boyfriend,” the sources mean “forgot to make a reservation at a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day once when he was dating a girl in college.”) Nevertheless, he is very single, so if any of you ladies don't care about Valentine's Day (and I think that's like half of you), by all means go for it.

(Via The New York Daily News)