Put Your Linrection Away Because Linsanity Is Over

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Wow. Just when I finally mastered the art of working “Lin” into every single word in a headline, I find out that the Jeremy Lin trend is over. Done. Kaput. Sure the guy still exists and sure he's still playing basketball, but Linsanity as we know is over. Burn your shirts, bury your pedestals and buy a new jersey to wear to Knicks games.

From the mouth of Knicks interm coach Mike Woodson, Lin in a “learning stage” and he's bringing the focus back to Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. The stars who made the team all money before Jeremy Lin showed up on the scene and simultaneously showed us to make a poster pun that is only slightly racist

Does this Mike Woodson have any idea how hard it is to work Amar'e Stoudemire into a headline? It's like, just when you think coaches are working hand-in-hand with blog editors, they pull this shit.  It's truly a level of disrespect that I haven't seen before from the sports world.

It's like finding out Tiger Woods cheated on me or discovering Vick Michael's was using my dog. Total betrayal.

So what's a fair weather Jeremy Lin fan to do? Besides rip my hair out because I'm so linsane over this news?

I guess go back to not caring about sports or basketball or anything that involves people saying, “want to watch the game tonight?”

Because you know what? I don't want to watch the game tonight. Or any night. Until the next basketball wonder comes around and amazes us.

He just better have a name that impresses me. These puns need to write themselves.

Oh and someone should tell that FSU student that JeremyLin may reconsider her formal offer now.