Jenny McCarthy Tweeted A Transphobic Joke, Because Being Transgender Is Soooo Hilarious

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Jenny McCarthy attending Vemma Renew launch in New York City April 2014As if Jenny McCarthy hasn't already created an embarrassing enough legacy with her anti-vaccination campaigns, she also has some ignorant words to share with us in regards to the transgendered community.

As you may have heard, there are some rumors swirling right now that Jennifer Lopez‘s boyfriend of two years, Casper Smart, has cheated on her. Or maybe it didn't quite get that far physically, but there were supposedly flirty text messages and explicit photos exchanged. But what makes this alleged infidelity particularly hilarious is that it was with a transsexual model named Sofie Vissa. Can you even imagine?

Apparently Jenny can't, because she tweeted what she seems to have thought was a very clever joke:

Jenny McCarthy transphobic joke tweet June 2014


Charming. She quickly deleted the tweet, but that doesn't erase the fact that Jenny is just the latest example of celebrities — and people in general, unfortunately — who think that it's okay to take potshots at the transgender community.

It might seem amusing to Jenny to ridicule the pronoun confusion that inherently becomes an issue for a transitioning individual, but it's also ignorant and insensitive. Jenny has never had to struggle with what pronoun to use for herself, because she was lucky enough to be born feeling comfortable in the body that she ended up with. But that's not always the case, and after a lifetime of battling against the gender they were born with, do transsexuals really need to immediately start up their battle with societal judgement as well? Let's be humans about this.

I mean come on, Jenny. If you're really gonna post something that ignorant, at least try to make it original. You're hardly the first person to turn a transgendered individual into a punchline — just the most recent. Instead of issuing some half-hearted apology, why not take this opportunity to educate yourself and your followers on some oft-ridiculed LGBTQ issues. God knows we need it.

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