Jenny Johnson Wants You To Know That Chris Brown Calling Her a ‘Bush Pig’ Doesn’t Make Her A Victim

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If you're someone who has general internet access and knowledge of “entertainment news,” then you already know Chris Brown quit Twitter earlier this week after he and comedy writer Jenny Johnson got into a little, uh, tiff.

By the way, my boyfriend has taken longer dumps than the amount of time we were Chris Brown-less on Twitter.  I'm pretty sure there are 8th grade girls out there who aren't as desperate for attention on social media as Chris Brown is.

I digress.  After the “feud,” Jenny Johnson didn't really dwell on it, even though she received millions of death threats from #TeamBreezy and every single person in the media had an opinion on it.  She became a household name overnight, which is really quite something since her Twitter feud happened on the same day Hurricane Liz & Dick hit the world.

She decided to respond via GQ yesterday, and I thought it was a great piece.  In it, she doesn't apologize and she assures us that she's not a victim.  Because she's a grown woman, a smart woman, and a fucking comedy writer:

I didn't think the thousands of (misspelled) death threats I got would have people thinking I saw myself as a victim, because I am NOT a victim of anything, nor have I ever thought I was (excluding the time I paid to see The Village).

A lot of people have made the brilliant assertion that because everyone knows who she is now, maybe her career will benefit from this.  Or that maybe, that's what she's been seeking all along.  Now, as a huge fan and avid follower of Jenny Johnson, I think that the ladies of The View and other media outlets could stand to do a little more homework before they jump to conclusions like that.  She's been named one of the funniest women on Twitter repeatedly for years, and her write-ups for magazines like GQ are always on-point.  She's been doing fairly well in terms of success long before Chris Brown proclaimed his longing to “shart in her eye.”  Here's what Jenny has to say about that:

I never thought I'd see the chicks on The View attempt to break down our interaction on Twitter (if they only knew how little thought and effort go into anything I tweet, there is literally nothing to break down). I didn't think I would be invited to be a guest on their show or any other TV or radio program. I didn't want attention from all of this. If I wanted attention, I would have accepted all of the invitations to be on shows and to actually give exclusive interviews, but I declined all of them.

Can we give this a rest now, everyone?  Jenny Johnson doesn't give a fuck about what you think of her.  She doesn't need to go on Live! With Kelly and Whoever Can Stand Kelly For An Entire Hour or The Today Show.  She knowingly insulted a celebrity, and if celebrities in the public eye don't wish to be insulted or be the butt of comedians' jokes, they probably shouldn't be an immature asshole and engage in immature, asshole-ish behavior regularly for attention.  Because they'll get it.


(Photo: Jenny Johnson Instagram)