Jenny Humphrey Headed For Trouble

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Oh, no, here comes trouble! It looks like Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Schwartz wasn’t joking about keeping our eye on little Jenny Humphrey!

Taylor Momsen, who plays Jenny, was spotted filming some really intense scenes on the Gossip Girl set Tuesday in New York. In fact, Jenny was so messed up that she had to be carried out of a club!

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Obviously, Jenny has gotten herself in trouble. We know from the last episode, The Debarted, that Jenny is making money by helping the ambassador son dude Damien (Kevin Zegers) sell drugs. And she’s using the money to buy her friends expensive handbags, etc., and probably so she can “stay” Queen.

But has she went over the edge? Is she now using drugs or drinking? What kind of trouble will that get her into? What is her purpose? Is this a storyline that interests you?







By the way, do you like Jenny’s dark gray coat? I love it. And I love how she can pull off wearing the very exotic fishnet stockings.

Images: Bauer-Griffin