Jennifer Love Hewitt’s No-Makeup Photo Is Surprising Only Because There Are No Boobs

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Jennifer Love Hewitt no makeup twitpic boobsIt's been about a week since the last makeup-free celebrity photo went up on Twitter, so Jennifer Love Hewitt has stepped in to add her freshfaced twitpic to the growing collection of celebrities showing their “real” faces. Really, it's like clockwork at this point. The Client List star posted this photo to her Twitter on Tuesday, saying, The no make up look… Glam look to follow. (She helpfully included co-star Colin Egglesfield in her follow-up pic.)

This is a sweet photo of Love Hewitt, mostly because she looks so much younger, and like the actress we grew up with on Party of Five. She really does slather on the makeup for Lifetime's The Client List, and though that fits her character Riley's pageant-queen past and compulsion to look good even when her finances are in trouble, it makes for some unflattering candid shots of Love Hewitt.

Posting the photo was probably as calculated a move as when starlets go frolicking in the water in bikinis so paparazzi can get some beach shots. But all the same, we're glad we're seeing this and not Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs looming at us on some billboard for The Client List. She knows that her chest is an asset in her TV career, we know it too—but we're glad that they're not front-and-center here.