Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Grandma Is So Proud Of Her ‘Little TV Ho’ (Her Words)

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Jennifer Love Hewitt at Client List Valentine's Day event February 2013

I am entertained by Jennifer Love Hewitt. While I don't watch her show The Client List, I watch the commercials for it on the reg, and I of course laughed at saw the fabulous Lifetime movie the show was inspired by. I've also seen her trying to sell me hoodies in that Old Navy commercial. She goes by the name Jennifer Loves Hoodies, but she can't fool me! She amuses me to no end, because she just strikes me as not taking herself too seriously. You really can't take yourself too seriously when you're on a show based on a Lifetime movie. But I'm starting to think I'd be more entertained by her grandma.

J.Love went on Ellen to talk about her show, and as usual Ellen DeGeneres showed off her incredible ability to coax crazy stories and charming admissions from her celebrity guests. She asks Jennifer what her grandma thinks of the show, namely, what does she think of the fact that her granddaughter is on a show featuring pop-music-laden montages of prostitutes in a massage parlor? It turns out her grandma is totally okay with it, so okay that she has a charmingly inappropriate nickname for her:

“She likes it. She ignores the parts that she doesn't like and pretends like they're not happening but she calls me her ‘little TV ho.'  And she thinks that's really funny.”

Old people, am I right? They can say anything they want and everyone thinks they're cute. Jennifer's grandma tells it like it is, and she's not ashamed to let everyone know that not only does her granddaughter play a prostitute, but she's totally proud of it:

“But, she does it, like, out loud to people. She'll be like, this is my ‘little TV ho.' She's from Texas. I'm like, ‘Grandma, not aloud. Like on the phone with me, family joke, funny. Not out loud in the mall or the restaurant.' She gets a kick out of it.”

Oh, grandmas! They have no shame. If they're not sending you five dollar bills for your birthday or asking you what a Facebook is, they're bragging about what a big ol' ho you are. Whoops, sorry, not a big ho. A little ho. Because the TV shrinks hos down to TV size, of course.

And of course Ellen replies in her typical “I'm Ellen” way by saying, “I think somebody calls me that.”

Watch J.Love explain the situation in the video below.

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