In Which Ellen Asks Jennifer Love Hewitt More About Her Boobs Than About Her Baby

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In Which Ellen Asks Jennifer Love Hewitt More About Her Boobs Than About Her Baby Jennifer Love Hewitt Ellen DeGeneres Show March 2014 jpg

Jennifer Love Hewitt has boobs. I know, it’s quite shocking. But not only does she have boobs. We also see those boobs a lot. A LOT. She shows them off in movies, on TV shows, on the red carpet, and even on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The last time she was there her boobs nearly killed Ellen’s co-host Matthew Perry. Or at least it looked like it based on his reaction. I’m sure if you asked him about it he’d put on a brave face and say he was fine, but it was pretty obvious his life was in danger.

Jennifer visited Ellen’s show again this week, having imprisoned her breasts in a crisp white shirt buttoned all the way to her clavicle. You can almost hear their muffled grumbling as they fight against this conservative prison. Much like Miley Cyrus, they can’t be tamed. But just because J.Love put her boobs under blouse arrest for this interview doesn’t mean they weren’t a topic of conversation. Right away Ellen brings up BoobGate 2013 and shows plenty of clips of the incident from different angles. As usual, Ellen has a lot she wants to know, and she sucks that info out of J.Love like a Hollywood anteater.

J.Love gives a big explanation about how she was already pregnant at the time of that interview but was keeping it a secret and yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah and so on and so forth boobs. The important thing is that they talk about the boob incident for over a minute before Ellen’s like, “Oh yeah, you have a baby. What’s her name again?” And I’m no psychic, but I’m pretty sure the whole time she’s dying to get back to the boob topic. They’re just so hypnotizing that they can even take attention away from a baby. Anyway, congratulations to Jennifer Love Hewitt on her boobs… I mean baby. Will it never stop?!

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