Jennifer Lawrence Is Trolling Us By Wearing What Looks Like An Engagement Ring

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Jennifer Lawrence flipping off paparazzi while wearing engagement ring in London April 2014(Photo: Macca / Ringo, PacificCoastNews)

Let me ask you a question: what would Hollywood and the media like most in the whole world? And let me give you the answer: for Jennifer Lawrence to get engaged. Which is why I'm pretty sure she's trolling us by pretending that it's already happened.

After all, it's the perfect time for all the rest of us for Jennifer to move on to the next stage in her life! She now has three Oscar nominations under her belt, in addition to two franchises, multiple projects in production simultaneously, and the respect and love of everyone even marginally connected to the industry. Plus, she's recently gotten back together with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, and everyone loves a Cinderella story like that. If she had any respect for the narrative we have going for her, J-Law would just suck it up and get engaged already. She kind of owes it to us, as her audience, to take her life to the next chapter.

And she seems to know that, too, because when she was photographed out in London recently, I feel like she was totally trolling the paparazzi. Jennifer is currently wearing a turquoise, heart-shaped ring on that finger, and in almost every photo that was taken of her, she's looking right into the lens with her left hand on full display, including one where she's flipping off photographers from the backseat of a cab. She seems to dislike paps so much that it honestly wouldn't surprise me if she's trying to prank us by intentionally wearing what looks like an engagement ring. You can check out some creepy close-ups over at the Daily Mail.

It's almost as if she's challenging us to whip ourselves into a frenzy of speculation over this, and you know what?? I just might!!!! Because on the other hand, isn't that totally the kind of engagement ring that she would have, instead of a regular old diamond like everyone else? All I'm saying is that we may never know, and I'm pretty sure J-Law wants it that way.

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Nice work, Lawrence. Very nice.