Here’s A GIF Of Jennifer Lawrence Pulling A ‘Jennifer Lawrence’ And Tripping At The 2014 Oscars

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Jennifer Lawrence falling on the oscars red carpet 2014In breaking news that will make you make you feel like you accidentally time traveled to 2013, Jennifer Lawrence just tripped on the Oscars red carpet. When I initially heard about the fall from my trusty friends on Tumblr, I'd assumed that it was a calculated effort to steal Lupita Nyong'os thunder. But after seeing it go down on my TV, I'm convinced that it was 100% unintentional. She didn't charmingly trip. She straight up fell down. In a way that reminds me of myself. (I know, I know, I squeezed a humble brag into an article about Jennifer Lawrence.)  After all, as you may or may definitely not know, I'm known around town for randomly falling for no reason. Also for dropping things that shouldn't be dropped. If I had a dollar for every glass I let slip from my hands as a child, I could buy my family a replacement glass set. And then some plastic cups for myself. Because despite being an adult, I still manage to drop things. I know first hand how un-cute being clumsy can be.

Despite the fact that J.Law's recently lost some points in the Hollywood popularity content, this trip's a great example of why we all still want her to be our best friend. (Or in the case of some bloggers, our best frenemy.) While everyone else on the red carpet's doing their best portrayal of “Flawless Human Being,” Jennifer Lawrence is keeping it real with her klutziness. May she never change! And may someone on her team invest in a quality pair of red carpet walking sneakers. No seriously, girl needs some help in the Staying Upright Department and I think sturdy shoes would go a long way toward keeping her off the ground.

(GIF: Tumblr)