J.Law Says Peeing In Her Wetsuit Was The Best Part Of Making Catching Fire, In Related News ‘Peeing In Wetsuits’ Is Now Trendy

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J Law Says Peeing In Her Wetsuit Was The Best Part Of Making Catching Fire  In Related News  Peeing In Wetsuits  Is Now Trendy katniss peeta together gif gif

Yesterday Jennifer Lawrence chopped off her hair into a pixie cut. And as you probably noticed, every single person in the world had an opinion about it. While I don’t know any specific numbers, I would guess that it 92% of lady-to-lady conversation involved people wondering if they could pull off hair that short.

After rocking the world with her haircut, Jen went on to do a live panel at Facebook headquarters to discuss Catching Fire. It’s that little indie film that she has coming out this month. It’s an animated movie about a candle who’s unable to catch on fire. Will his owners keep him despite his huge flaw? Or will he be banished to the trash? You’ll have to see the movie to find out.  Just know that it’s being described by critics as “more stressful than Gravity.”

While on the panel, wetsuits inevitably came up. Partially because Katniss and Peeta wear them in the movie. And partially because everyone loves talking about them. MTV News reports that Jen said she  l-o-v-e-d the wetsuits because they she could pee in them. With Josh Hutcherson. Which is romantic if you have a urine fetish. (Or just a general Jennifer Lawrence fetish.)

“That was the most fun part of ‘Catching Fire’,” she said. “[Josh and I] could run into the ocean and pee together.”

So there you have it! The most fun part of filming a blockbuster film was being able to pee with her co-star while wearing a wetsuit. As Thoreau once said, “to each her own bathroom delights!”

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