Jennifer Lawrence Is Trying To Clean Up Her Act, So Say Goodbye To Your Dream BFF

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Jennifer Lawrence attending an American Hustle press conference December 2013If you still want to be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence at some point, you better make your moves now, because it sounds like she's making a serious effort to clean up her act. Not that I really know what that means, but I can't imagine it's anything good.

I guess we should've figured it might be a limited amount of time that she was able to hold onto her genuine, outspoken, atypical qualities while still working in Hollywood, and it sounds like that window is getting smaller by the day. At least according to a new interview she gave to Now Magazine:

“There are so many things that I do and say which come out wrong because I don't think before speaking.”

Okay pause, because NO. Whoever's telling you that things come out wrong because you don't think before speaking has been misinformed. Things come out right because you don't think first! You're the rare instance of an unguarded celebrity! Never lose that!

“I make a fool of myself easier than anyone I know. I get so nervous before going down red carpets – particularly after that fall at the Oscars. I've tripped at least a couple of other times, too. I managed to forget to thank both the director and producer when I went on stage, so I wondered what was worse?”

Amost definitely the forgetting the producer and director part, because the falling up the stairs thing humanized you to an entire nation of people. It was a brilliant move, all the more so because it wasn't planned.

“My mom taught me to laugh at myself. What else can I do? She is there to catch me, in every way. Nothing is ever said like: “Make sure you put one foot in front of the other.” I can be quite rude and use some bad language. I am trying to clean up my act. But my mom always taught me that being natural was best.”

Your mom was totally right, Jen! Just please never stop being rude and using bad language, because if you do, the rest of us will be forced to turn to Shia LaBeouf as our celebrity mascot…and nobody wants that to happen.

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