Jennifer Lawrence Caught Smoking A Not-Cigarette, Also Looking Disheveled

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Jennifer Lawrence spirt awadsOh no Jennifer Lawrence. What have you done? Or I should say what haven't you done? The good folks at the New York Daily News bravely called you out today for not doing your hair in the same way that you did it during awards season. Keep in mind, these are the same courageous people who told Mila
Kunis to stop being ugly
. We're so lucky to have these kinds of people out there, looking out for celebrities and making sure they're fully aware of when they look gross.

“While in Hawaii Lawrence wore her tresses wavy and disheveled, a clear difference from the salon straightened look.”

It's like she doesn't understand that after you look good once, you have to look good forever. I don't want to hear, “but I thought I was safe from criticism because I was in my private hotel room!” She needs to know right now that for the rest of her life, we all expect her to look red carpet ready at all times. Sleeping and showering and exercising is no excuse not to look like you just left a salon. And frankly it's a little disturbing that she doesn't understand that. I'm not saying we should take away her Oscar, but I'm also not saying that we should let her keep it.

And to insult to injury, she smoked a non-cigarette with her disheveled hair. Marijuana? Well New York Daily News doesn't want to make that call, so we'll all pretend like we don't know what they're trying to say with their title “Jennifer Lawrence unwinds after Oscars in Hawaii with wine, suspicious-looking cigarette.” After all, maybe it's just suspicious because it committed a crime before being inserted into J.Law's mouth. I saw that once on an episode of Cigarettes On The Run: True Stories From Our Country's Most Notorious Smokes. One time a cigarette hid out from the cops by hanging out between Rihanna's lips. In fact, it even let itself be photographed because no one would suspect a guilty cigarette would do that.

Sadly this whole smoking thing would be a total non-issue if only J.Law straightened her hair first, put on spanx and walked around her hotel room in a designer gown. Then no one would care what she did. Bring on the meth labs!

(Photo: Thomas Janssen, Pacificcoastnews.com)