Forget Spider-Man, Jennifer Lawrence Saves Lives And Looks Good In A Thong

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Is Jennifer Lawrence turning into the female Ryan Gosling, or what? She's lovely, she's kind, and she might just save your life.

A mere few hours before donning a black dress and thong for a slatternly night out with her mom, the 21-year-old Hunger Games star rushed to the aid of a woman who'd collapsed outside of her Santa Monica apartment complex. According to The Daily Mail, Jennifer was out walking her dog when she saw the woman suddenly fall over as she was walking by. She rushed over to see if she was okay before calling paramedics, who took it from there. As if that wasn't enough, she then farted lollipops, helped a kitten down from a tree, and bought everyone in the vicinity a pony. Here are some photos of how it all went down.

Maybe playing Katniss Everdeen gave her an acute sense of what to do in an emergency, or maybe her pre-existing reflexes made her able to play Katniss in the first place. Or maybe she did what any decent person would do in that situation. Regardless, I'm sure she's glad to hear that the woman in question has been given the “all clear” by hospital staff. The next time I walk home alone at night, I'm going to pretend that somewhere, somehow, Jennifer Lawrence is looking out for my safety. Like a cuter, blonder version of The Shadow.

(Via The Daily Mail)

Photo: WENN.com