Jennifer Lawrence Has Pneumonia, Probably Caught It From Meryl Streep

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Jennifer Lawrence I Beat Meryl

Everyone's favorite young actress of the moment, Jennifer Lawrence, is suffering from a bout of pneumonia and may not be able to attend the SAG awards tonight.  Apparently, she skipped out on the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Awards last night, because when you're that sick and you have to skip either the SAGs or the foreign award show no one has ever heard of, you skip the foreign show.  Amiright?

I smell something fishy.  And not just because my fat ass cat is bathing himself at my feet right now post-breakfast salmon filet.  Meryl Streep couldn't attend the Golden Globes because she had the “flu.”  J. Law beat Meryl in the Best Actress category at the Globes and rubbed it Meryl's face.  Two weeks later, Jennifer may not be able to attend the SAG awards because of “pneumonia.”  Interesting.  It sounds like some sort of Hollywood hoax if you ask me!  Or karma for Jennifer's insufferable arrogance.

If J. Law doesn't make it tonight, I probably won't watch because that means Anne Hathaway will just get that much more screen time.  I'll pass on the SAGs then, if that's the case.

Downton Abbey is on tonight anyway.  Holler!

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